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Assistance on Request

The IRC can provide you with ongoing assistance in professional development in several areas relating to the education of linguistically and culturally diverse students who are English language learners (ELLs).

IRC staff can work with groups of teachers, administrators, other staff, or parents during the academic year or in the summer. We can assist schools and districts in refining their school improvement plans to ensure that the needs of ELLs are met within the context of the entire school. We can assist schools or districts in developing a comprehensive staff development plan that takes into account linguistic and cultural diversity among its student population.

The IRC offers assistance in the following topics: Assessment & Evaluation, Cultural Diversity, Instructional Strategies, Program Development & Improvement, Resources & Materials, and Special Education.

You may request assistance to your school, district or organization by calling the Illinois Resource Center directly (224-366-8555) and discussing your situation and needs with a consultant so that they may advise you and schedule the date for your workshop.

If you have perused the Assistance on Request web pages and have identified a topic that would fit your needs and have also picked out a date for the service, you may fill out the Assistance Request form.

Don't worry about completing every field on the form. Print, complete, and fax the form to 847-649-0551.

Submitting a request form does not guarantee service on the day(s), time, or with the consultants as requested.

A consultant will contact you to confirm the meeting date and discuss your needs.


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