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IRC - ISBE Workshops

IRC - ISBE Professional Learning Offerings

The Catalog lists detailed descriptions and information about free workshops, webinars, and regional institutes offered throughout the state for Illinois educators at no cost.

These workshops are led by IRC's education specialists and are sponsored by ISBE. 

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 IRC-ISBE Professional Learning Offerings Catalog

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Webinar Archive

These recordings of past webinars are available for viewing.  Your browser may prompt you to load the Adobe FlashPlayer plugin.

Language Detectives: Looking Closely at Student Writing Samples (Yanong, 1/27/20)

The Who, What, When & Why of Using Non-Print Texts with Language Learners (Essig, 9/16/19)

Defining & Redefining Our EL Lenses (Mulcahy, 9/12/19)

Exploring Best Practices for the Culturally Inclusive Classroom (Montes, 5/15/19)

Deliberate Discipline for Multicultural Classrooms (Mulcahy, 5/1/19)

Families as Valuable Contributors to Students' Biliteracy Development (Montes, 4/11/19)

Five Minute Activities for Young English Learners (Fernandez, 3/12/19)

Read-Alouds for Young English Learners (Trost, 3/6/19)

Some Myths and Realities about Working with English Learners (Fernandez, 2/12/19)

Curriculum Considerations for English Learner Education (Mulcahy, 5/23/18)

Teaching Social Studies to English Learners (Fernandez, 4/10/18)

Supporting Multilingual Students in the Early Childhood Classroom (Sanchez-Lopez, 4/25/18)

Teaching Mathematics to English Learners (Fernandez, 1/29/18)

How to Handle Homework (Mulcahy, 9/20/17)

From Code Switching to Translanguaging (Mulcahy, 5/17/17)

Out of the Box Instruction for English Learners (Essig & Yanong, 5/8/17)

Family Engagement Q & A (King & Schnell, 5/4/17)

Introduction to English Learners: Q & A (Montes, 3/29/17)

Selecting Materials for ESL and Sheltered Content Classes (Gordon, 5/17/16)

Introduction to Dual Language (Mulcahy, 3/9/16)

Reconsidering the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy: Implications for Cross Content Literacy (Hilliard, 2/18/16)

Understanding Diversity within the EL Population (Mulcahy, 11/24/15)

Spanish Language Arts Standards (Hilliard, 9/25/15)

Engaging English Learners Through Technology (Keppler, 6/11/15)

Selecting ESL Materials for Diverse Programs (Gordon, 5/5/15)

Orientation to Teaching Academic Language to ELs (Gordon, 10/22/14)

The Relationship Between Language Arts Standards & Language Development Standards (Hilliard, 9/24/14)


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